Here are some articles and reports giving some details on ORPA activities and achievements.

Authors Title Year Journal Link
Roger NanaRecherche Opérationnelle : Un réseau africain en cours (Journal L’express du Faso)2003Express du faso LexpressDuFaso2003a.pdf
Report of the conference CARO in which an African OR Network is borned2003 EuroCaro1report.pdf
Report of the conference CARO in which the West and Centre African RO Networks is borned2004 Rocaro1-rapport.pdf
Official ORPA 2005 Poster2005 ORPA1PosterEn.pdf
Graham K. Rand, David K. Smith and Eric SoubeigaOR take-off in West AfricaUK OR Society’s OR Newsletter2005 ORNewsletter2003a.pdf
CAPPS-ORPA Conference 20072007 EnhancingPolicymakinginAfricaConference.pdf
Hans IttmanIFORS Supports Urban Transport Planning Conference in Senegal2013IFORS Newsletter, p.7 ifors-news-december-2013.pdf
Sheetal SilalIFORS Supports ORPA Conference in Algeria2015IFORS Newletter, p.11 ifors-news-june2015.pdf
Hans IttmannOR in Africa2018IFORS Newsletter p.7 ifors-news-dec2018.pdf